Manage, renew or extend your registration

Manage, renew or extend your registration

While you are registered with OFTEC you may need to make changes to your registration details - your business will evolve as you respond to customer demand or as your own career develops. You might take on a new technician or apprentice or decide to start offering new services such as heat pumps, solid fuel, unvented or commercial liquid fuel boilers. Or perhaps you'd like to be able to offer your customers government grant funded work and need to add TrustMark or MCS.

OFTEC can support you through all these changes and this is your go to page for information and forms. 

Manage your registration

We will send renewal reminders approximately four to eight weeks before either a business or an individual technician registration is due to expire. These are sent using the contact details we hold for your business - so it's really important that you keep these up to date in your Portal account. If you want to plan ahead, you can double check when your renewal is due in the Portal.

When you renew, we will check your relevant details before processing your renewal application, so please check you have at least one registered technician working for your business and that their technical qualifications are in date.

You'll get a discount if you opt to renew your registration in the OFTEC Portal. Once you have logged in, click the "Renew Registrations" link and follow the on-screen instructions. After completing payment, your details will be updated instantly. 

Alternatively, please call our registration team to renew over the phone - don't forget, you'll need a valid payment card!

Please note, if your registration lapsed more than six months ago, unfortunately you will not be able to renew, although you will be able to keep the same company and technician number.  You will need to complete  a new online application - we will then contact you to arrange a business audit and inspection of work.

If you would like to add a technician to your existing business registration, please download and complete the application form below, or request a form by post. If the new technician has been working with you as an apprentice, they may be eligible for our special offer of a year's free registration, for more details see our technician's news page

Don't forget, if a technician has stopped working for your business, you need to let us know so we can remove them from your registration - don't forget to include your business registration number, the technician details you wish to have removed and their date of leaving. 

Form R593 - add a technician

If your business or technician contact details have changed recently, please let us know so that we can keep our records up-to-date and ensure you receive your full benefits of registration, such as the monthly e-newsletter or quarterly Oil Installer magazine. Please log into the OFTEC portal select 'Contact Details' or 'Technicians' to make the necessary alterations. Please note, if your business and technician details are the same, you'll need to update the business and technician address. 

You can also update the delivery address for purchases from OFTEC Direct our online shop by selecting 'Addresses'. 

Alternatively, please email us and we will update the details for you.

We are always on the lookout for services or products that can help support your business and save you time or money. Click here to view the current benefits. 

If your business name is changing, for example to a Ltd company or from Smith's Plumbing and Heating to Jone's Plumbing and Heating, you need to let us know. However, it is a little more complicated than just updating your contact details online.

Don't forget, homeowners often check businesses are registered on our website, so if your OFTEC registered name doesn't match the name you are trading as, they may assume you are not registered and choose a different business for the work they require.

First you'll need to complete a 'change of company name form - R616'. 

Download a change of company name form - R616

Once you've completed the form, please return it to our registration team along with:

  • A copy of your public liability insurance certificate showing the new company name
  • Documentation from Companies House showing your official name change. 

It's very important that the name you register with us, matches your insurance of Companies House details.

When you first register you were asked to provide copies of your qualification certificates. BS EN ISO/IEC 17024 qualifications are valid for five years, after which time you will need to provide further evidence of technical competence by re-sitting another assessment. You may be able to book assessment only, or select a shortened course which covers any updates since you last sat your assessments. Training centres do vary, so give them a call to discuss your requirements.

Click here to find your local OFTEC Approved Training Centre.

For further information about the types of training that are required for different scopes of registration - click here.

Please note:

Due to the high demand for courses, we recommend that you book your course well in advance of your qualification expiry so that there is no lapse in your registration. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, this is especially important because the number of places per course has been reduced to allow for social distancing. 

Did you know?

You can take your assessments up to six months in advance of your qualification expiry date without impacting the renewal date. For example, if they are due in June 2020, you can sit them in January 2020 but the renewal date will remain June 2025. 

Extend your registration

After building up a good customer database, you may find that there is demand for you to work on other heating technologies. Although we are best known for our liquid fuel or oil registration scheme we also offer registration in the following technologies:

  • Unvented hot water cylinder
  • Electrical part p
  • Solar thermal
  • Heat pumps
  • Solid fuel
  • Biomass
  • Different categories of liquid fuel registration

Once you have the necessary qualifications you can add any or even all of these to your existing registration. This means that you will be listed on our find a technician database for more areas of work which will help generate more business.

When it comes to liquid fuel registration - there are actually several sub-categories, so if you are only registered for single stage pressure jet - you may want to add vaporising or multistage pressure jet for example.

Form R526 has a complete list of all the categories available for registration - simply tick the ones you wish to add, complete the form and send back to us along with copies of your qualifications.

Extend your registration scope form - R526

In order to process your request to add a category to your registration, we will need to see evidence of the minimum technical competency (i.e. training) for the scope of work – such as a copy of a certificate of achievement from one of our approved certification bodies or a QCF mapped course. You can check which training is required in our areas of registration section.  Payment for extensions to scope will be calculated on an individual basis to link to your current registration.

For all enquiries about changes to your registration or to request a paper copy of the R526 form, please contact our registration team.

If you are installing solar thermal, biomass or heat pump systems, then adding MCS registration enables your customers in the UK to access renewable heat incentive payments (RHI) and is also likely to be a requirement for future government funded renewables installations. By adding OFTEC MCS scheme you are given competent person scheme registration automatically for your chosen technology as you'll also need to self certify renewable installations with LABC as well as register installations on the MCS database.

MCS was developed to ensure technicians installing renewable technologies are suitably qualified and carry out installations in a professional and safe manner. The scheme also ensures that the products themselves are developed to a high industry standard, so to qualify for RHI payments, products installed must also be MCS accredited.

TrustMark has provided a handy checklist for technicians wishing to join MCS which hopefully makes the process a little simpler and there's plenty of useful guidance on the MCS website.

You can read more about registering for MCS with OFTEC here and you'll also find the online application form.

Easy MCS partnership

Whilst there's lots going on behind the scenes to streamline the MCS registration scheme and make it more accessible to small installers, if you are daunted by the admin required for MCS registration, you may want to outsource that burden. 

Easy MCS provides an online portal complete with all the templates that you require for managing MCS registration on a day to day basis. Members will be allocated an advisor who will guide you through the registration process - helping you set up systems and ensure that you have everything in place to get through the audit process.

Click here to find out more about the deal we have secured for you with Easy MCS.

We are an accredited PAS 2030 certification body for oil heating installers. PAS 2030 registration is a requirement for the installation of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) under UK government funding schemes such as Energy Company Obligation (ECO), Green Homes Grant or regionally funded work.

Our PAS2030 registration scheme covers the installation of oil fired condensing boilers, heating controls, heating system insulation, underfloor heating (wet), hot water systems, warm air heating and water efficient taps and showers. One of the requirements for PAS 2030 registration is having a compliant Quality Management System (QMS). You can download all the templates and supporting documents you need for FREE from the TrustMark website. You may find it helpful to read through our PAS2030 information sheet which provides information about the newly introduced requirement for an understanding of PAS 2035.

You can find more information, including details of qualification requirements and how to register here. Once registered, technicians are issued with a PAS 2030 Registration Certificate and ID badge and listed on the GDORB National Register as an accredited installer. TrustMark has published a handy checklist for technicians wishing to join PAS2030 which is straightforward to use and will hopefully help to speed up the process of becoming PAS2030 registered . 

To find out more and to apply please visit our PAS2030 scheme page.


TrustMark is the UK Government Endorsed Quality Scheme covering work carried out by tradespeople in or around homes. It helps provide consumers with added reassurance that they have appointed a business that has been vetted to meet required standards and that has made a commitment to good customer service and trading practices. One of these commitments is to the TrustMark Customer Charter which gives consumers a level of expectation in terms of the way a business will carry out work in their home. Plus, in the unlikely event that a problem does arise, TrustMark offers a clear course of action that helps provide further customer protection. 

As an existing registered business, you can extend your registration to include TrustMark in the following areas:

  • Heating engineer (Liquid fuel)
  • Electrical
  • Heat pumps
  • Biomass
  • Solar thermal

Please visit our TrustMark application page for more information and to apply. 


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