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OFTEC approved training for heating technicians

OFTEC training is available at over 95 OFTEC approved centres throughout the UK and Ireland. There are over five million homes in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland who are not on the gas grid, so there are plenty of business opportunities for competent and well-trained heating technicians. To work successfully in the industry, high quality training is vital. OFTEC’s unrivalled expertise means we can support you with your oil, solid fuel and heat pump training needs. OFTEC training will enable you to achieve the highest levels of competence within the industry. We do this through initial and ongoing training, with re-assessment every 5 years, continuous assessment of your skills with on-site inspections, free technical support and regular updates on industry best practice and changes to building regulations.

There are prerequisites for the OFTEC assessments please click here to view.

A number of different OFTEC training courses are available, depending on the type of work you wish to undertake:

OFTEC training for liquid fuel heating technicians

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OFTEC training for solid fuel heating technicians



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OFTEC training for heat pump technicians





It is possible to combine some of these courses, as some modules overlap. For more information and to book your place please contact one of our approved centres.

Once you have successfully completed your training and assessment, you will receive a certificate from the certification body. The certificate is proof of your competence and, once you receive it, you can apply to become an OFTEC registered technician.


Technical book equivalents list

According to the rules of registration outlined in document R100, you should either hold a copy of the appropriate OFTEC technical books for the scopes you are registered with OFTEC for, or you can opt to hold the equivalent documents outlined on the downloadable list below:

Technical book equivalents list


Certification bodies

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