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Oil registration (including unvented)

(CPS online form at the bottom of this page is also for those applying for renewable heating technologies). 

OFTEC is the leading competent person registration scheme for oil heating and cooking technicians. It’s a reference point for customers when selecting a technician, making registration with OFTEC the best way to demonstrate your competence and win new business.

Liquid fuel (usually known as oil or kerosene) is used for heating or cooking by around one million homes in Great Britain with a similar number across Ireland. It is one of the most popular energy choices for households off the mains gas network, is cheaper than its main competitors and has an excellent record for reliability and safety. As a result, liquid fuel is certain to remain a popular heating choice for many years to come.

Oil registration scopes







The qualifications you need

You will need to hold a qualification for each of the scopes that you wish to be registered for. Training and assessment for oil registration is available from a network of OFTEC approved and accredited training centres.  If you are being assessed through one of these centres you will need to book your assessment and attend to be assessed. During the assessment you may have to take written and practical tests, so you may want to take training first to ensure that your knowledge of building regulations and industry best practice is up to date. 

See our training section or contact our registration team for more details.

Before you apply

Have you read our how to become registered page to ensure you have everything in place ready for your OFTEC registration?

Already registered with OFTEC for another technology?

You can simply complete this extension to registration scope form - you don't need to complete a new business application form.  

Ready to apply?

Please click on the region you work in below to start your online application. 

Completing the form online speeds up the application process, but if you having technical difficulties and are unable to submit the online form, we can send you a paper version by post for you to fill in by hand, please contact our registration team.

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