OFTEC's top tips to secure a sale during selling your home season

OFTEC's top tips to secure a sale during selling your home season

Monday, October 15, 2018 By OFTEC

The 'Independent Expert Advice for House Sellers' stated that October is the best month to sell your home, with December being the worst. OFTEC, the organisation that represents the liquid fuel heating industry in Ireland, has issued advice to help homeowners ensure their homes are up to scratch for selling this October:

  • Ensure you have an EPC Certificate - With over 50% of homes across Northern Ireland using a liquid fuel as their primary source of heating, same as ROI. The control documents provided by OFTEC technicians give good evidence of regular maintenance and a reliable heating system.

  • Service your home heating– An annual boiler servicing is essential to avoid problems further down the line, such as unwanted disruption while maximising central heating efficiency and keeping energy bills to a minimum. To guarantee safety, always use an OFTEC registered technician, providing you with peace of mind and a record to include in your home package to show potential home buyers.

  • Consider upgrading to a condensing oil boiler –boilers are the norm across Northern Ireland's home heating market, thanks to their cost effectiveness and efficiency. A new condensing oil boiler can save homeowners up to 25%, or approximately £273, off an annual heating bill.

  • If it's broken, fix it – Research reveals that 26% of Northern Ireland homeowners rank household repairs and replacements as one of their top 3 household concerns. Any necessary repairs your home heating needs must be fixed before letting potential buyers enter. This allows buyers to move in without any hassle or potentially having to fix a leaking oil boiler.

  • Maintain your house inside and out – First impressions count, but it is also important not to neglect the inner workings of your house. While you want to attract the potential buyer's eye by making your home look presentable. Having a fully functioning heating system is a crucial selling point and will make your house a home.
David Blevings, OFTEC Ireland Manager, said: At OFTEC we understand the burden of selling a home can be difficult. To ease the process, we have provided our top tips to help secure your sale. It is important if you are considering selling your home, to take advantage of the current housing market and upcoming season. Remember to maintain the inner mechanics of your home as they ultimately reflect throughout, making your house a potential home for someone else. Possessing a certificate of compliance is a fantastic way of showing potential buyers that the house they are viewing is in top working condition and easy to move into.

Always use an OFTEC registered technician, not only for the home you hope to sell, but the one you wish to buy.

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