What is a boiler compliance certificate?

<p>Installation work carried out since 2002 in England, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands must be notified to the Local Authority Building Compliance (LABC) department. Competent Persons Schemes were introduced so that heating businesses registered with scheme providers such as OFTEC can self certify the installation work they carry out. This is generally much more straightforward than involving the LABC with the installation work throughout the process. The OFTEC registered installer will self-certify the work on completion and a certificate is sent out to the householder. This certificate is the building compliance certificate, but may also be called a work notification certificate or boiler compliance certificate. </p> <p>Registered businesses have been inspected by the scheme provider to ensure they have appropriate training and qualifications to carry out the work in accordance with building regulations and continue to be inspected throughout their registration. </p> <p>This is completely separate from the manufacturer's warranty, there may be a requirement to register an appliance with the manufacturer or their appointed supplier to validate a warranty against manufacturing defects. </p> <p>You can read more about this on our <a href="/consumers/why-choose-an-oftec-registered-competent-person" title="Why choose an OFTEC registered competent person">Why choose an OFTEC registered technician page</a>. </p>