Cheers to HVO as South Lincolnshire pub celebrates one year of renewable heating

Cheers to HVO as South Lincolnshire pub celebrates one year of renewable heating

Thursday, November 03, 2022 By OFTEC

Cheers to HVO as South Lincolnshire pub celebrates one year of renewable heating


A rural pub in south Lincolnshire is celebrating one year of net-zero emissions thanks to the renewable liquid heating fuel Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

The Five Horseshoes Inn in Barholm village first adopted the renewable liquid fuel in Summer 2021.The 300 year old pub has since become what is believed to be the first rural establishment in the country to achieve carbon neutral status.

HVO can be used in an existing oil heating system as a replacement for kerosene following a minor modification to the boiler. The Five Horseshoes Inn, however, decided to replace its 1970s traditional oil fired boiler with a new modulating model to maximise its carbon savings.  

Switching to HVO, which is manufactured from used cooking oil, immediately reduced the pub’s annual carbon emissions by 88%. To off-set the remaining 12% and reach carbon neutrality, fifteen trees were planted in nearby schools on behalf of The Five Horseshoes Inn throughout the year.

Landlady Emma Freeman commented: “It’s wonderful to be celebrating a year since we switched to HVO at The Five Horseshoes Inn and continue to play our part in tackling climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

“The transition to HVO was very straight forward and the past year has gone very smoothly. The fuel combined with our new, energy-efficient boiler works so much better than before and we often forget that we’re no longer using kerosene. For pubs like us, this hassle-free low-cost solution to going green will be a real lifesaver.”

The pub’s transition to HVO is part of a wider demonstration of nearly 150 other homes and businesses by trade associations OFTEC and UKIFDA. The project showcases the viability of the fuel as an affordable and realistic green heating solution for rural properties in support of the government’s target to achieve net-zero emissions in the UK by 2050.

Malcolm Farrow from OFTEC, which is funding the cost of the HVO used in the pub as part of the demonstration project, said: “We are delighted to hear that The Five Horseshoes Inn has had a successful first year on HVO. The transition has had a huge positive impact on the local community by providing a future-proof solution for the pub and helped enable them to reach their ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions.”

As part of its Heat and Buildings Strategy, the government has proposed a ban on the installation of new fossil fuel oil boilers from 2024 in large non-domestic buildings. The same rules would apply to small and medium non-domestic buildings and homes from 2026 if the plans go ahead. Kerosene would also be phased out  in the late 2030s. Instead, in most cases properties will be expected to fit heat pumps.

Malcolm added: “Like many older rural properties, The Five Horseshoes Inn would be challenging and expensive to transition to a heat pump due to its low energy efficiency. The building has uninsulated solid walls, solid, suspended timber floors and single glazing in most doors and windows. Installing a heat pump in the pub would require extensive renovation and disruption, which would completely change the character of this historic building – hence the move to HVO.

“Converting existing heating systems to HVO typically costs no more than £500 and the fuel works in the existing boiler following a minor modification, making it a comparatively low-cost, hassle-free solution to meeting the government’s net zero target. But we need government support for a wider rollout. For oil households concerned about the costs of switching to a heat pump, we urge you to contact your MP to petition for HVO to be included in future heating policy so you can have a choice in how you go green.”

The rural pub’s transition to HVO was supported by St Neots based EOGB Energy products, which replaced the pub’s old 1970s boiler with a state-of-the-art modulating boiler to deliver even greater efficiency. The EOGB team also installed smart controls including thermostatic radiator valves, occupancy sensors and apps for remote access to support the establishment’s flexible heating needs.

Martin Cooke, Managing Director at EOGB Energy Products, added: “The Five Horseshoes Inn has now been using HVO for over a year and the results truly are impressive. In just one year the pub has reduced its carbon emissions by over 7 tonnes, which is 88% less than its annual heating oil usage before the conversion. The pub is a perfect example of how we can create a straightforward green, cleaner future for a rural community.”

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