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Heating cost comparison

We know it can be difficult to work out if you have made the best financial choice when it comes to heating your home. How does the fuel you use compare to others available on the market?

OFTEC can help. The fuel price information we present here is updated every quarter using data supplied by independent fuel analysts, The Sutherland Tables, and is derived from information supplied by the fuel providers.

The costs are for an annual space and water heating requirement of approximately 16,000kWh, which is what might be expected for a typical three bedroomed semi-detached house. Many factors will affect how much heat is needed for your home, so these figures are provided for guidance only, and will probably not reflect exactly what you might use in your own home. However, they do provide a basis for meaningful comparisons to be made.

Fuel costs are affected by three main factors, including:

  • The unit cost of your fuel
  • The efficiency of your heating system
  • The heating requirements (demand) of your home and occupants - Of these, the biggest variable is the last one.

Heat demand is dependent on a wide range of factors, such as:

  • The size of the building
  • The number of external walls
  • The type of construction used
  • How much insulation has been installed
  • The type of glazing installed
  • The number of occupants 

Latest fuel prices

The graphs below show the annual average cost of a range of heating options for a typical pre-1980, three-bedroomed, semi-detached home with a heat requirement of approximately 16,000 kWh. This data published by the Sutherland Tables.

United Kingdom 

UK comparative heating costs - June 2022

UK comparative heating costs - June 2022

The Republic of Ireland

RoI comparative heating costs -  March 2022

RoI comparative heating costs - March 2022

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