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Reporting logo misuse 

Rogue traders who claim falsely to be OFTEC registered can be a serious problem for our industry. Sometimes it may simply be that the business’s registration has lapsed and they’ve forgotten to remove the logo, or a technician who has done OFTEC training and wrongly assumed that gives them the right to display the logo. In these cases there’s rarely a deliberate intention to mislead and the problem can usually be resolved easily once the evidence is presented by OFTEC.

The toughest cases are those where the company deliberately aims to mislead customers. Such businesses have few qualms about cutting corners in other areas too, making them a potential danger to their customers and damaging the reputation of all responsible, registered heating businesses. We take these cases very seriously and work closely with regional trading standards who have the legal powers to take action.

Please help by contacting us if you believe a heating business is falsely claiming OFTEC registration. We will review every case we receive. Evidence is very important so please provide as much as you can. For example, a photograph of a van showing the OFTEC logo (preferably with the date it was taken), a copy of an advert, or a screen shot of a website or social media page.

For more information, or to send in details, please contact OFTEC's Logo team.

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