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About us

Established in 1991, OFTEC is a leading 'not for profit' trade organisation for the heating and cooking industries in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Our aim is to promote the highest professional and technical standards for technicians and businesses working in the industry and, by doing so, support the needs of heating users.

We work closely with national and local governments, international and regional standards organisations, heating industry colleagues, training providers and certification bodies. We also operate a UKAS accredited registration schemes for heating businesses.  

Employing an OFTEC registered technician is the best guarantee that work on your heating system will be performed to a high level of competence and comply with relevant Building Regulations and manufacturers' installation requirements. Ongoing inspections and training leaves nothing to chance and helps ensure all our registered businesses carry out work that adheres to relevant regulations and industry best practice.  

Services for householders and commercial heating users:

OFTEC's commitment to excellence in heating

  • OFTEC's services are designed to provide end users with safe and efficient heating.
  • Heating businesses that register with us are trained and inspected regularly to ensure they are competent tradespeople who follow regional building regulations and industry codes of practice.
  • Our 'find a technician' search facility puts you quickly in touch with OFTEC registered heating businesses in your local area.
  • There is a free six year workmanship warranty for self-certified work carried out by OFTEC registered technicians for your added peace of mind.
  • Our free publications, website and social media channels provide a wide range of useful information for heating users, covering oil, solid fuel and renewable heating systems.
  • Our consultancy service can offer equipment inspection and evaluation for facilities managers. We also offer professional development training and can help with dispute resolution.

Services for heating professionals

OFTEC offers a range of registration services for heating businesses and technicians. The schemes have been developed to suit the varying regulations and opportunities that apply in all the different regions of the UK and the Republic of Ireland including:

Registering with OFTEC, advancing through our ongoing assessment process and using our technical support will provide strong foundations for working as a heating professional. It clearly demonstrates to your existing and potential customers that you are committed to working in accordance with your local building regulations and industry best practice and will help you win more work. 

In addition, regional grants towards the cost of heating equipment and installation often stipulates using a business that is registered with a recognised scheme - such as TrustMark, MCS, PAS2030 or OFTEC. 

Services for manufacturers and training providers

OFTEC's trade association

  • OFTEC's trade association represents the interests of liquid fuel storage, appliance and supply equipment manufacturers and training providers, in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Europe
  • We publish technical standards for domestic liquid fuel heating equipment, and issue OFCERT© certificates to validate products manufactured in accordance with those standards
  • We promote the views of our members to the UK and Irish Governments, the European Commission, the Building Research Establishment, British Standards Institute/CEN (the European Committee for Standardisation) and to other relevant bodies
    • This includes lobbying for the inclusion of low carbon liquid fuels such as HVO in the heat policy being developed to help governments in the UK and Republic of Ireland meet their net zero targets
  • We are committed to maintaining a skilled workforce by providing course and assessment material for approved training providers, covering liquid fuel and solid fuel heating. Certification is via organisations holding ISO/IEC 17024 for personal certification.
  • We help to shape the future of the liquid-fired equipment industry by undertaking research and supporting technical innovation, in particular surrounding new low carbon liquid fuels.

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