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OFTEC Technical book updates

Thursday, April 01, 2021 By OFTEC Technical team

When there are changes to building regulations, the OFTEC Technical books are updated to take these into account. By downloading and reading these updates, you can ensure that you are continuing to install appliances in accordance with building regulations. 

It is an important part of OFTEC registration to stay up to date with any changes to building regulations - our technical team will interpret any new or amended items in building regulations and update the OFTEC Technical Books accordingly. 

There have been updates in 2020/2021 to:

  • The OFTEC Solid Fuel Technical Book
  • OFTEC Book 4 (Oil Fired appliance and system installation requirements)

Your OFTEC inspector will check that your OFTEC Technical Books are up to date - all updates can be downloaded from our technical resource section free of charge (for registered technicians, training centres or trade association members) by logging into the website and visiting the technician hub. 

If you have not updated your technical books for some time, you may find it easier to purchase new books from OFTECDirect instead - the 2019 updates in particular contain a large number of pages as they relate to an extensive change to standards. 

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If you are registered with OFTEC or a member of our Trade Association and network of approved training centres, you can log into this website with your email and password (once you've created your account). You can then access technical resources, book updates, the E-News / Oil Installer archive and check the benefits of registration you are entitled to. 


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