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Don't risk an oil spill - if you are in any doubt, replace consumable items

Monday, June 22, 2020 By OFTEC

In the event of a fuel spill originating from a flexible fuel line, home insurers may try to pass the cost on to the technician who services the appliance. How can you protect yourself from this risk?

Flexible oil pipes should be inspected during every service visit and in the interests of safety, changed at regular intervals. There are different types of flexible oil pipe available and guarantee periods can be as short as one year. Where flexible oil pipes are marked with a date stamp, the age of the oil pipe should be established and if out of its guarantee period, replaced immediately.

Where no date stamp is visible or where an oil pipe is kinked, damaged or any doubt exists as to its integrity until the next service visit, it is recommended that it is replaced at the time of the service. Caution should be exercised to capture any oil lost during the disconnection of the oil line(s).

Consumable items such as nozzles, filter elements and flexible fuel lines should be replaced at least annually, or not later than the expiry of the manufacturer’s guarantee period. Where a customer refuses to have consumable items replaced as part of a routine service visit, this should be recorded on the CD/11 form and a warning label attached to the appliance identifying that either an immediate or potential risk is now present.

Further advice can also be found in the OFTEC Technical Book 2. 

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