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Webinar 3 - Ground and air source heat pump installation demo

March 2021 Online

An insight into ground source and air source heat pump installations

The final instalment of this series of webinars about renewable heating. 

We'll be talking to Paul Leedham who is an experienced, MCS registered heat pump installer. His small team of 5 installers work on both ground source and air source heat pumps. Paul will provide valuable insight into what's involved day to day using video and photos of recent or ongoing installations as well as ongoing service and maintenance requirements. 

Paul will be joined by Betatalk's Nathan Van Gambling and OFTEC's Adrian Lightwood to answer any questions you may have. 

Webinar three - watch it again here:

Registering for MCS

If you've watched our webinars and are now feeling ready to expand your business into renewables. You can a list of OFTEC approved training centre running renewables courses here.  You'll also find lots more information about registering for renewables with OFTEC and an online application on our registration pages.


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