Irish homeowners urged to upgrade to a bunded oil tank

Irish homeowners urged to upgrade to a bunded oil tank

Sunday, May 12, 2019 By OFTEC Ireland

OFTEC, the organisation that represents the liquid fuel heating industry in Ireland, is advising homeowners that their oil tank is better off bunded. With secondary containment, known as a ‘tank within a tank’, a bunded tank offers an extra layer of protection for homeowners against costly accidental oil spillages, theft and environmental concerns.

In Ireland, 39% of households are using oil as their main source of home heating. However, there are many households that aren’t fully safeguarding their home and are missing out on the many benefits of bunded tanks.

With a bunded tank, if oil leaks from the main storage tank, the fuel will still be safely contained within the exterior wall. The additional layer prevents it spilling out onto the ground, while also protecting the surrounding environment; particularly important for homeowners living near rivers. As well as protecting the environment, bunded tanks promote cost savings by ensuring no costly leakages.

Heating oil tanks can be also be a target for thieves and becoming a victim of heating oil theft is a costly and inconvenient experience. A bunded tank includes many features that help prevent theft, including a lockable fill point and you can add an alert system to warn of sudden drops in fuel, either due to theft or leakage.

OFTEC is sharing advice with homeowners to ensure they tick their tank off their to-do list and that their homes are fully protected:

  • Book an annual service - It is important to have your oil tank inspected annually by a competent person, such as a registered OFTEC technician. During a service visit, the technician will check the general condition of the oil storage tank and oil supply pipes, remove any water from the tank, replace the filter and check all fittings for any oil leaks.
  • Check your current oil tank – When was the last time you really looked at your tank? A visual check is quick and easily done. Is there any sign of oil leaking around the pipework? Check it for cracking, sag, discolouration and any unusual sign of wear and tear. If you have any concerns, contact an OFTEC registered technician for a safety check.
  • Replace older tanks - If cared for properly, a tank can last up for up to 20 years. If your tank is older than this, it will need replaced. Oil losses can be expensive for householders to remediate, particularly when neighbouring houses are also impacted.
  • Check for spills – OFTEC registered technicians can help you avoid expensive clean-up costs, which are often excluded from insurance policies.
  • A good solid base - All plastic oil tanks should be fully supported by a flat, level, solid, fireproof base that extends 300mm beyond the tank perimeter and meets current building control requirements.

David Blevings, OFTEC Ireland Manager said, Oil is a safe, good value heating product when stored correctly. It is still the most popular and widely used fuel in Ireland and the best way to safely store your oil is in bunded tank. Savvy householders with older tanks are currently replacing single-skin oil tanks with bunded tanks. When switching to a bunded tank, it is vital that you use an OFTEC registered technician for a safe installation that is building control compliant with proper control documentation. For safe storage, peace of mind and to protect the environment, its better off bunded, added David.

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