OFTEC comment on the clean growth strategy

OFTEC comment on the clean growth strategy

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 By OFTEC

“In particular, their recognition that consumers need practical, affordable measures which tackle both these urgent issues simultaneously.

“This approach is the only way real change will be achieved and is in line with OFTEC’s own vision for the future of off-grid heating.

“We believe our two-stage solution, that we published in June, is the most cost-effective way to deliver significant carbon reduction and energy efficiency gains for the UK’s 1.5 million oil heated homes. Our approach would see a boiler replacement programme in the short term (2018-2022). followed by the introduction of a low carbon liquid fuel as a direct replacement for kerosene.

“This timescale ties in with the Government’s ambition to ‘phase out the installation of high carbon fossil fuel heating in new and existing off gas grid residential buildings during the 2020s’.

Boiler Plus

“OFTEC also supports the overall aims of Boiler Plus (also published today) to improve boiler standards and controls. This same key ambition is behind our recommendation for a boiler replacement programme and we are confident that through technical developments, that are already well advanced, our industry can meet the boiler efficiency standards required to make this a viable option for off-grid homes.”

Advanced fuels

“BEIS’ recognition that ‘clean fuels such as hydrogen and bioenergy could be used for transport, industry and to heat our homes’ is encouraging, alongside the government’s £40 million investment in the development of advanced fuels for HGV and aviation which would also provide a viable replacement for kerosene.

“OFTEC’s ambition to bring to market a low carbon liquid fuel for domestic heating will build on this crucial work and, by achieving future economies of scale, we are confident that a cost-effective low carbon liquid fuel could be successful.

“We would like to see the important role low carbon liquid fuels could play in the future of domestic heat recognised, alongside bio gas (bio methane), in forthcoming revisions to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

“It is vital that off-gas grid homes do not continue to be marginalised by heat policy and are offered a range of competitive and cost-effective options, similar to those on the gas grid.

“Carbon reduction and energy efficiency will continue to lie at the heart of OFTEC’s work. Doing nothing is not an option and all realistic, cost-effective measures to achieve this must now be considered.”


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