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Oil heating training at an OFTEC approved centre

Wednesday, March 01, 2017 By OFTEC

OFTEC registration - getting the right training at our approved centres

If you are a technician who installs or services oil-fired heating equipment, you can benefit from the highly-regarded OFTEC registration scheme. But, before you can join OFTEC’s competent persons register, you will need to demonstrate that your work is of the expected standard. This means you must complete an approved training course which includes an assessment of your skills.

OFTEC’s own oil training courses are available at a network of more than 90 independent approved centres across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We are updating and adding to this network all the time, ensuring that all the centres on the list maintained at our site meet the highest standards.

Many of the OFTEC training centres offer other approved training courses covering different types of heating, including renewables and solid fuel. You can also register with OFTEC under the relevant scopes of registration if you achieve the right standards in these technologies.

Finding a local OFTEC approved training centre

Training centres across the country are independently run but are approved by OFTEC. These centres teach our own oil training courses, so you can be sure that the teaching will be of a high standard and that it will cover everything you need to achieve the qualifications you require for oil heating registration.

The Join OFTEC website maintains a list of approved centres and details of the specific OFTEC oil training courses they offer, which is regularly updated. If you are a technician wanting to improve your skills, your first step is to browse the list and find a centre which is in the right area for you and offers the right course or combination of courses. You should then contact the centre directly to get further details and book a place on your chosen course.

Choosing an OFTEC oil training course

Several different training courses are available for oil heating technicians. The choice depends on the type of work you want to carry out, but it is possible to combine courses and there are some modules which overlap between them. All courses include an assessment.

If you want to install oil or biofuel boilers, including ranges, you will need to take the OFT10-105E course. This course usually takes place over 2 days. It covers topics including installing appliances, heating systems and fire valves, procedures for safe electrical isolation, health and safety and legislative requirements, as well as energy efficiency. While the OFT10-105E course does cover knowledge of oil supplies and storage, the OFT10-600a course is specifically geared to installing oil storage tanks, together with pipework and other relevant equipment. This is usually a one-day course.

For technicians who intend to service and commission oil-fired household boilers, the relevant course is OFT10-101. This covers pressure-jet appliances, which includes most domestic boilers, and usually takes three days. It covers many of the same areas as the installation course, together with knowledge of heating systems and commissioning and servicing. The OFT10-102 course is also for servicing and commissioning appliances, but for vaporising appliances such as AGAs, Rayburns, and room heaters. The course takes between two and three days

Assessments need to be retaken every 5 years. Centres offer MOT-style oil certification, meaning that you can re-take your assessments up to 6 months before expiry.

Also many centres offer “assessment only” provision. This means that, if you are already fully trained in the relevant area, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate that your skills are up to standard and achieve the certification required for OFTEC registration.

Find an approved centre in your area and sign up to take the courses you need for oil certification.

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